Focused research is a collaboration between the private sector and researchers in universities, literally. The private sector must be involved in the research is in the areas of venture capital and research operations.


Helping enterprises of all types of industrial production. By promoting technology innovation to contribute to the development of production technology. New Product Development


Show trials and products resulting from the research and development of students, faculty, staff, researchers, farmer groups or products. Community enterprises and new entrepreneurs to get support for research and development projects.

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It is a mechanism for integrating collaboration between the public sector. Higher education institutions and the private sector to strengthen the Knowledge-based economy.
By virtue of self-reliance in science and technology for development. And enhance the capacity of national competitiveness.


  1. Incubator provides graduate students, alumni and interested individuals are entrepreneurs that know the technology, manufacturing, marketing and management to engage in business with the flexibility and sustainability.
  2. Help support the entrepreneurial potential and the ability to start a business based technology. By emphasizing technological developments direct to succeed.
  3. Potential development of enterprises and medium-sized businesses. A higher technological capabilities. Innovation and exports increased.
  4. Support for business in the enterprise network (Industrial Cluster) by linking key industry sectors in close proximity to research institutions and government agencies that provide services to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  5. Pushing for the creation of intellectual property within the university. Adoption and commercialization. Through the process of transferring technology to the private sector.
  6. Bridge the gap between researchers and entrepreneurs by opening doors and innovative technology. To link together the two parties.



               Centre for Cooperation with industry All Rights Reserved Began operating since 2548 under the name "Business Incubator" (UBI) has received the support of the Commission on Higher Education. Devoted to bringing knowledge, innovative research within a university incubator for new businesses. In fiscal year 2550, Mahasarakham University, supported by the Office of Science and Technology. (NSTDA.) In the establishment. "Business Incubator Technology" (TBI) for the purpose of breeding and development of the private sector and industry in the region and the infrastructure for the development of science and technology under the name of Regional Science Park. Northeast Science Park University network, making the two agencies are working together under the name. Incubator continues

               On February 12, 2553 until the last University Council has approved the renaming of the Business Incubator. "The center promotes collaboration with industry" (University Industry cooperation Center: UIC) UIC currently structured to operate within all four works as follows.

  • UBI Incubator
  • TBI Incubator Technogy
  • MSU-IPMO Intellectual Property
  • MSU-OUTLET buildings and supplies
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SciENCE Park Northeastern Network

The Science Park in the northeast region to use the potential of the universities in the area as a base to develop a science park.
The university (host) University. Suranaree University of Technology And Ubon Ratchathani University In the development and implementation of a science park.

MSU Interracturl Property


To support operators effectively UBI has a nationwide distribution network. In higher education institutions


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